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Molecular Sounds

Ableton Racks Essentials

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Essential pack for Drum & Bass Ableton Live Racks. Inside you will find 13 different Ableton Live Racks ranging from Drums group processing, to sound design, bass tone shaping, exciting and instrument racks.

Every rack is ready to drop in your DAW and bring your sound to the next level. Experiment with the bass effect racks with all the possibilities the racks have to offer, drop the drums racks to take your sound to the next level, and most importantly - understand the racks and the sound shaping that is happening by doing reverse engineering. The best thing about Ableton Live Racks is that you can see, understand and learn the signal flow and what effects are being used for certain sounds.

Inside the pack you will also find a READ ME text file with some info about the racks and some of the best practices for them.

The Audio Effects Racks demo tracks first feature the sounds with the rack OFF and then switches it ON. The Instrument Racks just showcase the sound you get when you open the racks. Listen to the demos below.

You will need Ableton Live Suite 10 in order to really use the racks to its max potential.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
René King
Small cost, high value!

I have been making use of these packs in some way in almost all of my tracks lately. I would highly recommend for any Ableton user looking to spice up their basses and drums!

Manuel Murez diaz
Ableton racks

Absolutely helpful and really nice tools to experiment with!

Rod Lewis

The single most useful purchase I've made this year.