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Molecular Sounds

Kick & Snare Essentials

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Essential pack for Drum & Bass drums. Inside you will find ready-to-use Kicks and Snares for all tastes, as well as layers and transients so you can mix them and make your own drum sounds. Most Kick samples are tuned so you don't need to waste time trying to find the key.

- Kicks: 33
- Kick Layers: 05
- Snares: 55 (14 Claps 1 Rimshot)
- Snare Layers: 25
- Snare Transients: 7

EXTRA: 12 Samples (808s, Breaks, Drums, Bass)

TOTAL: 137 Samples

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sinn Bin
The Mutts Nutts

Surprised with the quality of each sample.
No complaints, nice and clean. Nice touch with the transients also. Thumbs up

Nicholas S
real good pack of Kicks & Snares

quality drum sounds here, some of the kicks are even key labeled. snares are well done, has a few of the new school DnB claps people be using as snares as well. comes with snare layers and snare transients also so you can easily stack and sculpt whatever feel you're going for.

Sam Hale
Great Pack

This pack really does deliver. If you’re ever struggling to find that kick or snare that sit perfectly in the mix look no further. The option of adding extra transients on top is a really nice touch, they can really help to make these sounds pop, and are suited across a broad range of genres, Big up Molecular

Adam Chisman
Yet more sonic excellence!

Raphael has created a very diverse pack to help you easily lay the foundations to a solid drum track. The hits are well processed, full of life, and hit hard! Most of them are labelled in key to make it even easier to get your drums to match your tracks, and the kick and snare layers are a nice touch, brightening up the frequency range if needed. Would highly recommend!

Jakob Reid
Clean Samples!

Been using them for my tracks, really clean samples but with a nice thickness to them🔥