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Molecular Sounds

Serum Preset Essentials

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There had to be some Serum Presets in the Molecular Essentials pack range. These ones are directly taken from projects and adapted to this brand new pack. Ranging from bass sounds, to kicks, snares and pads, here's some presets you will ACTUALLY USE. No filler patches, all have their own place.

A collection of Xfer Serum Presets tailored specifically for Drum & Bass sounds, get your nasty basses, clean kicks and snares, and jungle/sci-fi/spooky pads and strings. Not only will you get access to these presets, but you will also be able to deconstruct them and see the process and sound design behind them.

Grabbing it on the FIRST 24 HOURS after launch will get you an extra small sample pack made with the presets.

Listen below to the presets and samples that are included. (Vibe samples are extra samples and those 3 presets aren't included)

30x Basses
10x Pads
5x Kicks
5x Snares
2x Snare Noise Layers
1x Bonus Bass Preset

Total: 53 Xfer Serum Presets.

All made with latest version of Serum.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
charlie otterman
Really good

Some of the best presets on the market will always shop for more

Philip Ogden
Serum preset pleasure

Great set of presets for serum, either to use directly in a project or to use as a foundation to build a new sound. Also gives good insight into how Molecular makes his sounds which is invaluable to any producer wanting to learn more.

George Burrell
Some of that good good

100% certified badman sounds can be made with this pack.

Rod Lewis

Simply one of the best serum sample packs for this style of dnb I've used. Instantly useable sounds but also great foundations to turn them into something completely different. Great for both beginners and seasoned producers.

Rod aka Mirrorman, Guidance Recordings.

Cole Bennit

Serum Preset Essentials